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Wed Dec 15 23:56:31 CET 2021

dvips.def (which you probably shouldn't edit) is designed as the back end
for dvips for the latex color package which you can use in plain via the
graphics-pln bundle and its miniltx wrapper.
Your jjkk file is a very minimal definition of \color  which disables most
of the functionality, just directly accessing the build in list of names
known by the dvips dvi driver. Also \definecolortakes teh color name first,
not the color model.

This makes black and pink text using the dvips.def in the tex distributions
if processed with tex, dvips, ps2pdf

\input color

 black {\color{LightPink} This is pink}


On Wed, 15 Dec 2021 at 22:13, Walt Burkhard <burkhard at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I am using the   dvips.def  color approach within TeX.    And
> all is good.    But now I would like to include another color ---
> I am missing a point here.    I have attached three files below
> dvips.def:   the original file with two additional lines at the end
>                   to  define the  color  LightPink  rgb  1.0, 0.68,0.73.
> jjkk:             a short file
> test.tex         the test file  .
> What needs to be done to get  the color LightPink to work?
> Many thanks in advance for your assistance.
> Walt Burkhard
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