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Sat Apr 17 22:36:33 CEST 2021

Hi Adefemi,

I see you are panicking a bit here. Many of us have been in that 
situation and have students that have felt like this. Do not lose your head.

It is good list etiquette to not post repeated enquiries, especially 
within six minutes of each other. It is also helpful to give enough 
information for others to help you.

 From your description, it is difficult to determine what error has 
provided the output. You reference the use of pgfplots and I guess it is 
your assumption that this has a part to play. However, it is not 
possible to determine from this end what that part may be or that your 
assumption is correct. "Many" is a subjective term and has different 
meanings for people.

If there is a coding error, increasing memory size may allow the build 
process to proceed, or it may result in the same error output but with a 
different number. So I suggest that you undertake the usual error 
identification processes. Find where the error is coming from and fix 
it. You could roll back to a prior version of the document that worked 
(you do have back ups don't you) and identify those parts that changed. 
Or you could comment out or if you have used includes for the chapters, 
remove sections of the thesis and rebuild it it until the error stops 
coming up. If the error is in your pgfplots code, then fixing it there 
may help also.

Have you tried compiling the graphs as pdfs prior to inserting them into 
your thesis? Google gave me this:,_matlab2tikz_or_pgfplots_figures,_so_I'm_getting_a_compilation_timeout._Can_I_externalise_my_figures%3F

Good luck


On 17/04/21 9:20 am, Mr. Adefemi Adeniran wrote:
>   Good day sir/ma,
> I used pgfplots (tikzpicture) in my *latex+pdf *to produce many graphs 
> for my thesis, suddenly I encountered
> "*Text Capacity exceeded, sorry (main memory size=300000)"*
> *
> *
> Please help me on what to do to increase memory capacity so that I 
> will be able to plot more graphs and conclude the work.
> What should I add to the preamble?
> Thank you very much for your quick response in anticipation.

Dr Alan Litchfield
PO Box 1941
Auckland, New Zealand 1140

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