Pdflatex. (Actually, placement of floats).

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> Hello Karl,
> Thanks for your response,
> The graphics are included in the document from the beginning (before
> adding this command); but these are in a wrong place. The Texworks
> put them in the last two page in the generated pdf document or in
> pdflatex viewer and not in their correct position. Just one graph is
> positioned in a correct page, but in the center of this page not at
> the top of the page (as I selected to have them in the top of the
> page "ht!" ). When I use this "\pdfminorversion=7", then the Tex
> viewer refuse to generate any pdf document and I receive the
> following:
> "! pdfTeX error (setup): PDF version cannot be changed after data is
> written to the PDF file. <to be read again> 
>                    \edef 
> l.54 \begin  {document}                       
> !  ==> Fatal error occurred, no output PDF file produced!
> Transcript written on ICON(8073)_AcceptanceReport.log." 
> Please find the attachment document errors
> could you please let me know how I can correct this error?


Further to the advice that Julius Dittmar and Karl Berry have given
you, I would suggest that you might get some mileage from the "float"
package.  This package allows you to say (e.g.):


where the upper case "H" indicates that the figure (in general the
float) should be placed exactly at the point in the text where the
"\begin{figure}" occurs.

One usually has then to fiddle a bit with just where one puts the
"\begin{figure}" in order to get things looking right.

Often it is better and less hassle just to leave things to LaTeX and
accept its decisions about where to place floats.  But not (quite)


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