an example usage of "bomtex" or latex format emails,

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Wed Oct 14 13:01:10 CEST 2020

I've been working on a diet diary for dogs
and now thinking  about documenting the generalized code and developing the ideas related to latex
as outlined here,

This describes a legacy system and a partially designed and coded system called "MUQED.."
First, note the legacy data file format has some features of latex tables - ampersand
for example but this is not really the point. The notion I outlined before was to use the
bibtex facilities to create a "bill of materials"( BoM )  for a variety of publication types. The
diet diary system (MUQED  records consumption of a bunch of nouns
that others may want to purchase similar to other DIY projects other authors may document.
This makes it easy for a reader to duplicate the results and maybe even allow producers
to track the documents that generate sales allowing some credit to the authors. 

The other thing in this set of notes I called "Mikemail" implements a system of text
based information exchange over email. For this system, there is not much need
for latex formatted emails but it illustrates the ideas for text without graphics 
that may be generalized to latex- structured text emails that a user
can easily read as source code or feed into a rendering system. 
Email is not secure but you can imagine
a MIME type and mail reader for this work that applies security features 
transparently to the user( I'm sending base64 signed public key zip file in message body in one related
case lol ).  I have been going back and forth with some pdf files and forms lately. They send
the things over email but then want you to print and fill and scan and send back. I realized
I could fill them out with inkscape but it would be easier to just fill in a blank ssv or latex 
template file  and then they could use the info more easily too. 

I guess I'm curious if anyone is aware of competing or related systems and other
applications as its early enough for me to modify things easily. This MUQED system,
indeed the legacy code, does what I need but there seems to be a variety of needs
it could fill if there is nothing else available. I have lost track of both consumer products
and lab stuff that may do parts of this :) 


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