how to check siunitx package installed or not

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> Actually the problem was much much simpler,
> I was not aware that any thing like Miktex console existed unless someone
> above replied mentioning it.
> Each time I would write some thing like \usepackage{package name} and if
> that package was some how
> not previously installed I would get a pop up saying Miktex want to make
> changes to configuration on your
> system. It would then usually work automatically without any problems ,
> but this time for some
> unknown reason I could not understand why it did not worked.
> After discussing here I updated the packages (which previously I was not
> aware that we can do via MikTex console)
> so a simple update helped to install the required things.
> After this I am getting errors which seem to be more of my syntax than any
> package related problems.
>> If you did a standard install of Miktex the Windows start menu should
contain a Miktex entry which gives access to viewers, help files, FAQ,
MiKTeX manual, package manager, settings, Maintenance, web access, etc.
Most of these have graphical interfaces that are user friendly.  This is
probably easier than accessing the corresponding facilities through the
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