Formatting problem in WEAVE

Andreas Scherer andreas_tex at
Fri May 1 11:52:57 CEST 2020

> or there's a possible bug in WEAVE?!

A closer look at this special case shows that WEAVE gets somewhat sloppy
with math mode around "code in meta-comment":

(1) A normal array in WEB

xord: array [text_char] of ASCII_code; {comment}

gets woven into

\Y\P\4\\{xord}: \37\&{array} $[\\{text\_char}]$ \1\&{of}\5

All "variables" are in '\\{...}' in text mode, only the bracketed part
is in math mode.  There's no need for '@+' between ';' and the comment,
and no linebreak appears in the TeX output.

(2) An array inside a meta-comment (without '@+' at the right side)

@{@!screen_pixel:array[screen_row,screen_col] of pixel_color;@}

gets woven into

\Y\P\4$\B\\{screen\_pixel}$: \37\&{array} $[\\{screen\_row},\39\\{screen%
\_col}]$ \1\&{of}\5

Note that 'screen_pixel' gets stuck into the $-group together with '\B'
(for '@{' in the TeX output), while '\T' is alone in a $-group, _after_
the '\6' forced break.

(3) Adding '@+' as in mf.web

@{@!screen_pixel:array[screen_row,screen_col] of pixel_color;@+@}

results in the TeX output

\Y\P\4$\B\\{screen\_pixel}$: \37\&{array} $[\\{screen\_row},\39\\{screen%
\_col}]$ \1\&{of}\5
\\{pixel\_color};\ \2\6

The only difference is the '\ ' spacer before the forced line break.

(4) Ideally, WEAVE should produce significantly different output like

\Y\P\4$\B$\\{screen\_pixel}: \37\&{array} $[\\{screen\_row},\39\\{screen%
\_col}]$ \1\&{of}\5
\\{pixel\_color};\ $\T$\2\par

keeping the code object out of math mode as far as possible and
suppressing the forced break before '$\T$'.

I have no idea how to change WEAVE's grammar to achieve this effect.


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