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It is not “generally accepted” that initial letters of index entries must be capitalized. For example, the index to "The Chicago Manual of Style” does _not_ do that!  At least some book published by the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) Press do _not_ do that. At least some book published by O’Reilly Media do _not_ do that.

It depends on the publisher’s own house style. And if there is no such house style, then it may depend on the series’s style, or the copy editor’s preference, or, finally, the author’s preference.

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> I completed a manuscript for a book making entries for words I wanted to index using the command \index{xxxxx} or \index{Xxxxx} if I wanted to capitalize the word in the index.? Now I find that the generally accepted rule is to capitalize all words whether they are capitalized in the text or not.? ?Is there a way that I can correct all my \index{xxxxx} entries to read \index{Xxxxx} without changing them one by one?

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