Re: any advice for trying to print a small newspaper/newsletter?

Stephen Kellat smkellat at
Fri Feb 21 03:01:51 CET 2020

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 07:58:46PM -0500, Christopher W Ryan wrote:

I am on the board of trustees of our local public library. Traditionally,
the two libraries in our town produce and mail, to all the households in
our town, a summer newsletter/newspaper. Roughly 4 pages, but on one larger
sheet of paper, folded in the middle. In color. Here is an example:

Staff writes the content, and then we've traditionally used a commercial
art/design/printing firm. In the interest of our budget, any thoughts on
how I might do this in LaTeX, generating a pdf, and then we'd just have to
pay for the printing? Any packages or strategies you'd recommend? Anyone
else done something similar?


Chris Ryan

CTAN does have the newspaper package that sounds like a step in the direction of what you'd want to do. After creating your newsletter with that you could then impose the created pages to the proper large size of paper for printing.


Stephen Michael Kellat

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