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Thank you for clarifying that for me.  I have been missing that all along.   I need to change the fonts that appear after the document is compiled and ready for print.
D. W. Jones

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I have been reading with interest the discussions about fonts, which has always been a problem for me.  Presently, I am using TexShop version 4.44 with the font setting at Arial 18 and encoding at unicode UTF-8.   When I try to change the font in a section of my work, every command I put in is ignored, completely ignored.  How am I supposed to change fonts? 
  Thank you, 
  D. W. Jones  
 Mr Jones — the font to which you refer (Arial 18, encoding unicode UTF-8) is the font used by TeXshop in order to display TeX documents prior to their being compiled; the fonts to which we have been referring in this discussion are rather the fonts used by TeX (not by TeXshop) as the fonts in which your document will be set once it has been compiled.  They are completely different concepts.  Do you wish to change the font(s) used by TeXshop, or by TeX ?
 Philip Taylor
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