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Peter Flynn peter at
Fri Aug 7 22:09:20 CEST 2020

On 07/08/2020 20:32, Bob Tennent wrote:
>   >|  XeLaTeX users can use any font installed on their system,
> Yes, if they use xelatex or lualatex, know which fonts are
> installed on their system, aren't interested in any fonts
> that aren't already installed on their system, and know how
> to configure fontspec to use the system fonts.

It's a non-issue on a Mac or Windows system which automatically updates 
its font cache when a new font is added, AFAIK.

Under Linux, you have to re-run fc-cache yourself after installing a new 
font. The first time around you need to add the TeX fonts to the cache. 
Details are at

All three platforms provide a system menu item to display a window of 
all installed fonts showing their names. WARNING: if you have a lot of 
fonts installed — on any system — the graphical display of "All Fonts" 
will be SLOW. The fc-list (Linux) and system_profiler SPFontsDataType 
(Mac) commands provide textual lists for your amusement.


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