Flash player no longer supported, what happens to media9 and Skim?

Thomas Schneider schneidt at mail.nih.gov
Sun Aug 2 00:46:28 CEST 2020


Thanks for the detailed response about Flash history.

> Tom, it's a pity that you relied on Adobe Flash too much in the past.

I didn't.  I have been interested in putting a small video into one of
my PowerDot slides.  I finally stumbled across movie15 in TeXLive
files and from there learned about media9 - and realized that it was
not going to work in the future.

So I'm not in trouble - I never used a movie in my slides - but
everybody who uses PowerDot with movies is probably in trouble unless
HTML5 (or something else) can be somehow used to replace Flash.

According to https://ctan.org/pkg/media9 the author of media9 is
Alexander Grahn; they were active on github only 3 weeks ago ...
The readme there
> This package is based on the RichMedia Annotation, an Adobe addition to
> the PDF specification. It replaces the now obsolete `movie15' package.
> * Note that Adobe Reader for Linux has dropped Flash support since
> * version 9.4.2.

So maybe it's ok, media9 will work after Flash is gone?


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