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Philip Taylor P.Taylor at Hellenic-Institute.Uk
Sat Apr 25 18:42:52 CEST 2020

Colin Ramsay wrote:

> I have >= 2 Windows 10 computers that I use regularly for Latex stuff and I have my latex documents in several folders on Dropbox.
> I also have a texmf-local folder that contains my personal definitions, style files, etc., located on Dropbox.
> Is there a way to get Texlive 2019 to search the Dropbox texmf-local folder?
> I want to keep my definitions etc in a central folder that is accessible to Texlive on any machine that has my Dropbox folder. I do not want to put these definitions etc in the folders containing the main files.
> Your advice would be helpful.
> Colin

I do not know whether it is possible to retrospectively change the install-time definition of the location of TeXMF-Local; I always specify the location explicitly when installing a new version of TeX Live, and always the same location, so that the location of TeXMF-Local is independent of the version of TeX Live used.  Thus (for example), I might install TeX Live 2019 to X:\TeX\Live\2019 and TeX Live 2020 to X:\TeX\Live\2020, but the location for TeXMF-Local would be the same for both :  X:\TeX\Live\TeX-MF\Local.  Clearly if you were to re-install TeX Live 2019 you could specify that the root of TeXMF-Local is to lie within your local Dropbox hierarchy, but once installed I do not know how (if at all) you could re-specify it other than through an environment variable.  A TeX Live expert would be able to advise here, so the TeX Live list cc'd.

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