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But the problem is I am typing the text into the *.tex file on an iMAC using TexShop.   The *.pdf file it produces is allright but the letters are so small on the *.tex file that I can hardly see them.   Maybe the problem is in TexShop or the iMAC but I cannot find any way to increase the size of the letters.
D. W. Jones

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surely any pdf reader would allow you to zoom in? or produce two
versions of the book one formatted for screen and one for paper.


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> I am writing a book using 10pt font with pagesize 6x9 inches.  The problem is that the print on the computer screen is so small it hurts my eyes.  How can I increase the size of the characters on the screen without changing the printsize that appears in the textbook.
> Thank you,
> D. W. Jones

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