html management and generation packages- do they offer "bibtex" generation? :)

Peter Flynn peter at
Thu Sep 26 13:23:41 CEST 2019

On 25/09/2019 15:46, Mike Marchywka wrote:
> I was just digging through more html from a somewhat scholarly
> webpage (popular audience but using scientific literature) that
> would be nice to cite in a bunch of publication types I could
> imagine. It looked like from the comments their pages were generated 
> by some package (the name escapes me now but probably these are easy
> to find or well known among web people). 

Can you find out the name?

> Any hope of getting them to make a bibtex button as easy as a bunch
> of share buttons? 

If it's one of the popular open source content management systems, you 
can write the code for a 'cite' button and contribute it to the project.

You then have to persuade site owners that it's worth their while to add 
the button, and persuade their designers to change their design to 
accommodate it.

Those two are many orders of magnitude harder than actually writing the 
button code.

> I'm still trying to scrape up bibtex from these sites and they would
> probably be happy if it was easier to credit them.

I really doubt if they are interested unless it will make them money.

> Also whatever happened to the "webmaster" mail address? Too much 
> spam? 

That, plus web sites really *HATE* people contacting them. Most nowadays 
hide behind "email forms" which they can ignore, and they hide their 
domain registration behind an anonymous registrar.


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