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actually you just need graphicx (which calls epstopdf-base behind the
scenes if needed.

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> If you are using the standard pdflatex program to produce your pdf output
> you will need to do something extra to import epd figures.  The graphicx
> package and pdflatex only support pdf, jpg and png formats. There should be
> no problems including jpg files in your document using the graphicx
> package, figure environment, and the includegraphics command.
> to include eps files in this scheme you can use the epstopdf program
> (included in your tex distribution) to convert your eps file to pdf or
> include the epstopdf package in your preamble.  When this is included in
> the preamble and the pdflatex program encounters an eps file and no
> corresponding pdf it generates the pdf and includes it in your document,
> If you amend the eps file you must delete the generated pdf file as
> otherwise it will not be regenerated.
> Chapter 7 of my LaTeX notes contains more details (
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>> Please  can anyone tell me how to import a figure, say as a eps or jpg
>> file generated by OCTAVE or MATLAB?
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