html management and generation packages- do they offer "bibtex" generation? :)

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> I was just digging through more html from a somewhat scholarly webpage ( popular audience
> but using scientific literature ) that would be nice to cite in a bunch of publication
> types I could imagine. It looked like from the comments their pages were generated
> by some package ( the name escapes me now but probably these are easy to find or
> well known among web people ). Any hope of getting them to make a bibtex button
> as easy as a bunch of share buttons? I'm still trying to scrape up bibtex from 
> these sites and they would probably be happy if it was easier to credit them.

It will depend entirely on the site.

I use two methods:


yvp is a script that takes the year, volume and page of a paper and
finds it in PubMed.  Obviously it only works for biomedical papers,
but it can work well.  yvpg GUESSES what is the year, volume and page
in the cut/paste buffer and then calls yvp.  One can use these to go
from a reference at the end of a paper to the PubMed page in a few
seconds.  Given the PubMedID, my mq script makes the bibtex entry.

2.  Google: Just grab everything of the reference; this can give
the PubMed.

> Also whatever happened to the "webmaster" mail address? Too much spam? LOL.

Probably spam ... they will almost always have a way to contact them,
usually a "webmail" which forces one to keep one's own record unless
they allow you to send a copy to yourself.


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