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Trevor Marshall via texhax wrote:

Please  can anyone tell me how to import a figure, say as a eps or jpg file generated by OCTAVE or MATLAB?

Of EPS files, I have no recent experience, having many years ago abandoned the TeX -> DVI -> EPS route in favour of direct TeX -> PDF.  With the latter, and assuming that you are using XeTeX, then :

    \setbox 0 = \hbox {\XeTeXpicfile somefile.jpg\relax}

will leave an internal representation of the jpeg in \box 0 for subsequent use in your main XeTeX code.  If you are not using XeTeX, then you will have to rely on (e.g.,) the "graphics" package, in which case you will almost certainly have to use LaTeX, 'though you may be able to use the "graphics" package in conjunction with plain (Pdf)TeX if you also use "miniltx".

Philip Taylor

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