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"The Printing of Mathematics" by Chaundy, Barrett, and Batey, Oxford 
University Press, 1954,  says that mathematics should be punctuated as 
normal text. For instance, if a formula is at the end of a sentence then 
it should be followed by a full stop (period).

"Mathematics into Type" by Ellen Swanson, American Mathematical Society, 
1999, shows many examples of punctuating math with commas and periods.

Peter W.

On 06/10/19 23:29, Schneider, Thomas (NIH/NCI) [E] via texhax wrote:
> Paulo:
>> NO centered mathematical formula should contain any punctuation at
>> the end of the line -- even if it is to terminate a sentence.
>> Punctuation have a role in typography -- to introduce a pause at
>> reading -- and with a centered formula that pause already EXIST. The
>> correct is:
>> \begin{equation}
>> A = \pi r ^2
>> \end{equation}
>> even if it is ending a sentence or a paragraph.
> I think we will just have to agree to disagree.  I find the comma
> useful for pausing while the period ends a sentence and otherwise I
> feel I'm hanging.  In any case, the journal accepts them.
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