getting "cite' buttons onto non-academic but citable sites is not within sight ... sigh

Mike Marchywka marchywka at
Fri Oct 4 11:55:23 CEST 2019

If I type "joomla site share" into google on my browser my 
post comes up as first hit but not sure how customized the goog responses
are ,

if you believe the forum numbers over 10000 people viewed it
but not a lot of feedback ( just one guy saying there is a bibtex
extension ). 

Right now I'm still debating about continuing with my scraping code
puzzling over why sites don't think "cites" are as useful as
"shares" if they just need to tell the html generator to include them.

And for the other sites that do offer cite sources or doi, 
I may just write a merge tool to get all avaliable bitex sources
( usually those provided by publisher and crossref for the doi ) and then
let user ( me ) pick the best entry for each field. That still requires
manual intervention but AFAICT a human needs to look at the downloaded
entry anyway.  


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