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> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/River_(typography)
> This is quite amazing to me.  When I was a kid, perhaps 5 years old
> and probably before I could read, I remember seeing a page of text in
> a book that had these white rivers between words.  I think my parents
> were unable to see them because they were reading the words.  I never
> knew until now > 10x years later that others saw them and they have a
> name!

Curious how close you could get to "ASCII art" just by playing with
the spacing now. I'm concerned when I notice stuff like this- like
hearing voices in noise :) And I stand by the notion that a font
is just a LUT between bytes and 5x7 bitmap and text has one space
between words. The ragged right also helps keep track of
which line you are reading although I guess you could make the
right margin into some kind of shape too ... 
The nice thing about computers and monospace fonts is that it
can help you remove noise from commincations if you know what
you are looking for.  

Typesetting now has a reason to use AI :) 

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