installing Textures on Mac

Peter Flynn peter at
Wed May 29 22:42:09 CEST 2019

On 29/05/2019 16:52, Paul Campbell wrote:
> Stacey,
> I don’t know offhand where on the Web it can be found these days, but I 
> archived a clean copy, including a mysterious email from the author of 
> Textures—mysterious because it appears to have been sent after his death!

By fortuitous circumstance I was clearing out a big box of old software
last week while researching and testing for my paper on SGML software
for MarkupUK next month...when I came across a new and unused copy of
Blue Sky Textures 2.0 (CD in corrugated cardboard spiral-bound manual 
with license key) which I think Barry or Doug gave me when we had the 
1992 TUG meeting in Portland, OR. I couldn't afford a Mac in those days, 
so I kept it.

I have discussed the archiving of this with TUG, and sent them the 
license key string (safety in multiple locations).

However, if someone would like to take it and use it or become the known 
owner of this particular copy for reference purposes, I am happy to send 
it to them.


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