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I loved Textures, still need to use it for legacy files; had to switch to TeXShop for new work a little over a year ago. 

I was sad to see Textures die; the author died suddenly, he left no passwords to anyone, and his 70-year-old wife had good intentions but not enough resources to go on.

I too had trouble porting it to a new machine a year and a half ago and don’t remember exactly what I did. The new machine was MacBook Pro, now with 10.12.6 (I haven’t moved up to 10.14 yet).

 I think the main thing was to either to put all of the contents of
TeX Fonts
TeX Inputs
TeX Formats
TeX Metrics (actually, the metrics are in the TeX Fonts folder)
as folders into the folder where Textures lives (I did that), or else to put there aliases to them.

I  have in ~/Library/Textures/ and also in  ~/Library/Application Support/Textures an alias to a folder which in turn has aliases to the above.

The above is no doubt overkill, but it works. (I see that on my Mac Pro 10.11.6, I don’t have the folder ~/Library/Textures but I do have ~/Library/Application Support/Textures (locked).

I don’t have any of the TeX fonts or metrics in the main Library folder, nor in ~/Library/Fonts:

> But ~/Library/Fonts has the Computer Modern (including EUFM10, in particular), just as it appears in my personal laptop.  

I don’t have any TeX fonts ~/Library/Fonts on either machine.

Let me know if you get any msg about seeking a key from Bluesky. There is a key-free version of Texture available.

Finally, there are separate versions for Retina and non-Retina machines.

Please let me know what other advice you get that works! (in case I need to port again, or in case Textures simply fails under 10.14).

Below is the advice from Bluesky:

We suggest placing an alias to your current TeX Fonts folder
into the user folder (where ~ means your home folder)

   ~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Metrics
and a similar alias to your current TeX Inputs folder
into the user folder

  ~/Library/Application Support/Textures/Inputs

This will allow Textures 2.2 to find your current metrics and macros.
(These Inputs and Metrics folders will be automatically created
when Textures 2.2 is first launched.)

Best wishes,

Paul Campbell

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