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Tue May 28 03:10:16 CEST 2019

I've been using Textures (from Bluesky, for Mac) since about forever, as I love the instant typeset-on-the-fly aspect and don't know anything else like it.  It's no longer supported, but remains free to be downloaded.

I'm upgrading my university laptop (Mac OS 10.14.2), but this time I'm having trouble getting Textures to run on it.  I think I've done everything I'm supposed to (comparing my new university laptop with my personal laptop (Mac OS 10.14.4), which runs Textures fine), but I can't get it to output anything for me:

(1) When I simply start typing--whether in Plain or in amstex.fmt (my preferred TeX flavor)--I get nothing at all as output (well, a blank page), with not even any errors reported on Textures' log.

(2) When I try to Typeset a paper I've already written, I get multiple errors about fonts (first one is "Font teneufm=eufm10 not loadable: Metric (TFM) file not found.").

But ~/Library/Fonts has the Computer Modern (including EUFM10, in particular), just as it appears in my personal laptop.

My personal laptop, in ~/Library/Application Support/Textures, has four folders: Fonts, Formats, Inputs, and Metrics. Fonts and Metrics are empty, Formats has only amstex.fmt, and Inputs has a bunch in it.  The new university laptop has some items in Fonts, nothing in Metrics, a few things in Formats in addition to amstex.fmt, and all the same things in Inputs that my personal laptop has (a couple more).

I don't know what further to check on, besides ~/Library/Fonts and ~/Library/Application Support/Textures.  Any suggestions?

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