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On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 06:25:06AM +1200, Alan Litchfield wrote:
>    Hi all,
>    A very interesting discussion.
 I guess one thing you could do with structured latex-like email
is send something like \replytext{foo} and let the viewer
decide where to display it :) Of course that does not work 
if you plan on viewing the source code which is my first objective.
But, it does let a viewer expand or hide various sections more
easily. If anyone really is that interested it would be easy to try
on this list as a third alternative to plain text and html. i
And in any case the "latex" should remain as human readable 
and more concise and logical than XML. fwiw. IIRC I did also
just see something that turns math expressions into ASCII
art but I may have dreamed that although it would be possible for
an ASCII viewer to visual math too.   

>    Just so you know, this displays well in Apple Mail Version 12.4
>    (3445.104.8).
>    Alan
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>    On 10/05/2019, at 01:29, David Carlisle <[1]davidc at> wrote:
>    this mail  possibly only works in thunderbird but that is because it
>    supports the relevant standards not because it is using any non
>    standard extension it is standard html mail using html5's inclusion of
>    mathml.
>    inline math
>    [MATH: <semantics><msqrt><mrow><mo lspace="0em"
>    rspace="0em">cos</mo><mo stretchy="false">(</mo><mi>θ</mi><mo
>    stretchy="false">)</mo></mrow></msqrt></semantics> :MATH]
>     here
>    and display
>    [MATH: <semantics><mrow><mo>(</mo><mtable displaystyle="false"
>    rowspacing="0.5ex"><mtr><mtd><mn>1</mn></mtd><mtd><mn>2</mn></mtd></mtr
>    ><mtr><mtd><mn>3</mn></mtd><mtd><mn>4</mn></mtd></mtr></mtable><mo>)</m
>    o></mrow></semantics> :MATH]
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