Status of LaTeX or LaTeX-like emails.

Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Thu May 9 15:19:31 CEST 2019

David Carlisle wrote:
> You should not have to have separate attachments for each expression
> or worry about inline or display differences.
> Just as people send html emails all the time without knowing the
> details of html coding (which internally are usually a single base64
> encode mime attachment) you can (on systems that support it) send an
> html+mathml document and have the mathematics rendered.
> thunderbird allows you to enter the math as latex syntax or using a
> GUI palette, and renders the using the same mozilla rendering as
> firefox.
> I attach screenshots of an email to myself and the input in thunderbird.

Could you send that e-mail to Peter, myself and the list, David, so that 
each (and all) can see whether their preferred e-mail client renders it 
as you would wish ?
** Phil.

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