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Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Sun Mar 31 13:03:09 CEST 2019

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:
> There *is* competition for decades.  The Cherry G80 keyboards are
> *much* better.  Unfortunately they are about twice as expensive as
> they've been in the early nineties.  Don't expect to get such a
> keyboard for less than 100 €.  And if you decide to spend money for a
> good G80 keyboard, make sure that you know in advance which switches
> you prefer.  There are many switches available with non-linear
> behaviour and it's not sufficient to just ask for "buckling springs".
> You'll find further information in the internet.
> I used IBM keyboards with pleasure in the past.  However, though they
> are amazingly resilient, they are not immortal.
> Nothing can beat the G80 keyboard I used at the university.  I could
> write much faster than on any other keyboard I used later, including
> the IBM keyboards.
> Though we get highest quality software for free nowadays, excellent
> hardware is still expensive.
> At least it's completely wrong to assume that IBM is the only
> manufacturer of good keyboards.  You probably didn't look for
> competitors because the IBM stuff is so resilient.

You may well be right, Reinhard (you frequently are).  All I can say is 
that in comparison to even the finest wireless keyboards available to 
me, the IBM 1391406 on which I am typing this reply is light-years ahead 
in terms of design, touch, feel and feedback (the last both mechanical 
and audible).  Until recently I had only two; now I have a third but 
despite appearing brand-new it has some subtle fault(s) whereby one key 
generates two key-strokes (two adjacent keys).  I have just purchased 
the requisite 5,5mm slimline nutdriver with which to open the case, and 
I shall be investigating this (and, I hope, rectifying it) shortly.

** Phil.

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