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On 2019-03-28 at 19:22:18 +0000, Peter Flynn wrote:

 > On 28/03/2019 10:53, Taylor, P wrote:
 > > Thank you for the suggestion, Jerry, but I have a selection of modern
 > > wireless keyboards (including a top-of-the-range Fujitsu professional),
 > > but nothing (and I really mean nothing) can beat the touch, feel and
 > > feedback of a genuine IBM mechanical with buckling spring.  They really
 > > are perfection personified (I have three), and although I could not live
 > > without a wireless mouse, a wired keyboard (particularly an IBM one with
 > > about 12' of coiled lead) imposes no limitations whatsoever.
 > I agree 100% with this.
 > I had two but gave one to my son as both of us write extensively.
 > There is no competition.

There *is* competition for decades.  The Cherry G80 keyboards are
*much* better.  Unfortunately they are about twice as expensive as
they've been in the early nineties.  Don't expect to get such a
keyboard for less than 100 €.  And if you decide to spend money for a
good G80 keyboard, make sure that you know in advance which switches
you prefer.  There are many switches available with non-linear
behaviour and it's not sufficient to just ask for "buckling springs".
You'll find further information in the internet.

I used IBM keyboards with pleasure in the past.  However, though they
are amazingly resilient, they are not immortal.

Nothing can beat the G80 keyboard I used at the university.  I could
write much faster than on any other keyboard I used later, including
the IBM keyboards.

Though we get highest quality software for free nowadays, excellent
hardware is still expensive.

At least it's completely wrong to assume that IBM is the only
manufacturer of good keyboards.  You probably didn't look for
competitors because the IBM stuff is so resilient. 


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