How to get a texdoc in a window

Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Thu Mar 28 11:53:23 CET 2019

Thank you for the suggestion, Jerry, but I have a selection of modern 
wireless keyboards (including a top-of-the-range Fujitsu professional), 
but nothing (and I really mean nothing) can beat the touch, feel and 
feedback of a genuine IBM mechanical with buckling spring.  They really 
are perfection personified (I have three), and although I could not live 
without a wireless mouse, a wired keyboard (particularly an IBM one with 
about 12' of coiled lead) imposes no limitations whatsoever.

** Phil.
Jerry wrote:

> Slightly off-topic; however, a new modern keyboard costs only a few
> dollars. It seems silly, at least in my experience, to not invest in
> one. It sounds like you have a wired keyboard. Personally, I love the
> wireless type because I can move them to where I feel comfortable and
> not have to worry about being tethered to the main system.

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