How to get a texdoc in a window

Lars Madsen daleif at
Thu Mar 28 10:19:51 CET 2019

even easier, assuming win10

hit the windows button

just type

texdoc enumitem

hit enter

You dont even need a terminal.

Tested with TeXLive. Note that miktex handles texdoc slightly different (texlive has an alias database, miktex does not seem to, so on miktex, you need to know that, say, the memoir manual is called memman, whereas on texlive texdoc memoir gives you the manual)

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This is going to sound silly, but I am serious.  I do all my work from a command line (running, to be sure, in a window) and when I want to see the documentation of, say, the enumerate package, I simply type

texdoc enumerate

at the command prompt and it comes right up.  Now I am helping out a friend who does all his work from an MS-window and I want to tell him how to see that document.  So how does he do that?


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