Consulting for \url command into footnote and length

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Mon Mar 11 01:38:49 CET 2019

Hello! Yes, I was certainly tested, but it's the similar result, and I need that show the link.

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On Sunday, 10 de March de 2019 21:22, Hofri, Micha <hofri at> wrote:

> The hyperref package defines the command \href.
> This is the one you want.
> Micha Hofri
> On 3/10/19 3:00 PM, Darío wrote:
>> Hello, I am using the command \url to show the link including the possibility to click here and open in a browser. The package in my preamble is the only hyperref, but the problem is that when I write:
>> \footnote{\url{[](}}
>> not show me the possibility to click him and open page.
>> Also, the link is so long and not show in all page, it's appears in only one line, ie not complete.
>> If is important, I compile using latex because the graphics are .eps
>> Thanks a lot!
>> Darío
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