Issues installing palatino font.

Pedro Bonilla Villalba Bonilla-villalbaP at
Wed Jul 31 15:52:39 CEST 2019

Hello Bob,

Thank you. I miss-read the error message because the journal instructions warned about palatino and Texstudio showed a red mark on loading palatino. As you made me notice the actual error is loading arial (which is the immediate previous line to palatino on the class, and made Textudio show the mark in palatino line).
I changed to uarial and I can compile now. The journal should be able to amend if they are not satisfied with uarial, but at least I can see the document.

Thank you for your time.  

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 >|Windows 10 machine with TexLive 2019 fresh installed  >|(yesterday).
 >|I am trying to compile the attached template  >|to format a paper I want to submit. However, I  >|can not compile it because I do not manage to  >|install palatino font. The template directs to
 >|s-source/palatino/> CTAN repository.

Pedro: I've compiled that Template in a TeXLive system. It asks for an arial.sty which doesn't exist, but continuing on, the compilation succeeds.

You almost certainly have palatino equivalents installed already.  Please run latex on the Template and post the relevant error message.  You should probably delete everything you tried to install.  

Bob T.

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