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On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 06:03:54AM +0000, Taylor, P wrote:
>    Shreevatsa R wrote:
>    There is no such thing as "the TeX Pascal compiler". When originally written, TeX was designed to work with a variety of
>    Pascal compilers on a variety of systems, by making small "system-dependent" changes in "change files" and keeping the
>    original tex.web unmodified. (Though of course it was written on a particular system with a particular Pascal compiler;
>    what Knuth calls "Pascal-H" in a few places in the TeX program.)
>      [...] If you [] want to compile with a [] recent Pascal compiler, you have a few options:
>    See also
>    []
>    erpreters
>    Philip Taylor

Digging through tex0.c and related code there are a lot of little things probably of no consequence 
but curious if there are bigger things to look for related to the code generation or other processing.
For example, there is a lot of n/(1<<m) no idea if compiler can optimize this but just
used to seeing shifts. Not sure if it was written this way for some other reason though.  

When I was first learning OO, someone had suggested using the c++ preprocessor on java code
to handle build issues. It worked really well even if the originating code is
not pure anything. Not sure here though with Pascal-centric stuff what limitations it


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