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> just trying to extract bibtex from webpages is a huge task in
> itself...

I've pretty much solved this for biology.  See my yvp page:

It turns out that the year, volume and page are often sufficient to
identify a unique paper in PubMed.  (If not, one can tack on an extra
key word or select from the list provided by PubMed)  The yvp script
does this.

So one gives the yvp script these three items and it returns the
pubmed page.  One can then take the pubmed id into my medlinebib
program to get the bibtex format.

Having built yvp, I built another script, yvpg, that will guess what
numbers in the cut/paste buffer are the year/volume/page and pass that
to yvp.

So the process is to copy the full reference into the cut/paste buffer
(macOS) and click on the yvpg script on the desktop to get the pubmed
id.  Then run medlinebib from the command line.

On the other hand, google of a full reference often works
quite well ...


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