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On Sun, Jul 07, 2019 at 06:09:20PM +0000, Taylor, P wrote:
>    Carlos wrote:
>    I have no idea what this code is intended to accomplish, but if I feed it into LaTeX (with a suitable wrapper) I am told :

I just  wrote a script to include a fragment into a wrapper but as this sounds like a common problem
I was just curious what exists to do this. I generate some tables in latex from c++ and
puting them into target doc can be a bit slower than putting into a small test. Also wrote
things to manipulate the kpathsea variables as I cleaned up latex junk directory. There
must be some tools for this though. 

This also comes up in importing bibtex entries - making dummy code to verify that they 
are more or less correct before appending to larger collections. You could probably
have an entire collection of bibtex scripts too- just trying to extract
bibtex from webpages is a huge task in itself... 


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