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Sun Jul 7 10:01:29 CEST 2019

To whom it may concern,
For *many* years I was staff at Lincoln University, here in New Zealand. I
also pursued post-graduate studies. Like most, I used WORD as a
word-processor. However, during the writing of a thesis proposal, I
switched to LaTeX.  (Using Word to properly format large documents with
maths, figures, and tables, became a nightmare. My laptop slowed to a
crawl, and Word continued to hang.)  Incidentally, it was my use of the
statistical and graphics program R, that I was introduced to LaTeX. I've
never looked back, though I seem to be the only person around Lincoln using

I have TeXlive 2019 and TeXstudio installed on my laptop. (Windows 10, Core
i7-7700HQ, 4 hyperthreaded cores, CPU @2.8GHz, lots of memory, CPU and
screen graphics.) So running these programs is no problem.

I was a bit concerned however when the tlmgr GUI (?) stopped working a week
or so ago. Fortunately, I could still update using the command line. First,
I noticed the automatic removal of tlshell (?) and now, recently, the
install of a version that is bug-free.

I'd like to openly thank the programmers/technicians who maintain TeXlive
and provide a wonderful typesetting and programmable open-source language.
LaTeX2e is a joy to use.


Yours sincerely,
Gilbert Wells.
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