[texhax] Will my Revtex Latex file, created in Overleaf, upload to Windows Miktex?

Taylor, P P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Tue Jan 8 21:50:35 CET 2019

Arthur Pletcher wrote:

Thank you Philip, I was sent a message to use "MikTeX and Scientific Workplace". Do you know if they are two separate softwares to be installed separately, then used together? I am confused.

Well, the honest answer is "I don't know", since I use neither.  But having read Scientific Workplace's web page, I find no mention of MikTeX at all, so I suspect that each has to be installed separately.  But the TeXhax list has many many members, and I am confident that one or more who are more familiar with MikTeX and/or Scientific Workplace will be able to advise.

Philip Taylor
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