alternatives to the concept of a page, Gutenberg press vs LCD screen

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Sat Aug 31 00:03:03 CEST 2019

On 2019-08-29 at 19:20:57 -0600, Doug McKenna wrote:

 > Richard Kotucha wrote:
 > >|  Technology is by far not advanced enough to make
 > >| e-books a serious replacement for printed books.
 > I might agree, but only after deleting "by far".
 > I've enclosed a screen shot from a page being turned (a simulated
 > animation using Apple's eBook tools) from my recently released
 > eBook/app for iPads and iPhone.  Each page has 100% TeX quality
 > typesetting on it (including as you can see, math layout), yet
 > there is no PDF used at all.  This eBook reader is simulating pages
 > similarly to how a PDF reader would render them, but in an eBook
 > interface backed (invisibly) by all the usual TeX-language-created
 > data structures (plus some extras I've added).

This looks much better than everything I've seen before.  I
occasionally see people using eBooks in public transport means.
Admittedly, their devices are much smaller and maybe sufficient for
plain text.  However, the huge interword spaces I often see are not
necessary nowadays and makes me assume that these devices don't even
support hyphenation.

Thank you for the photograph and ignore "by far".  This is quite what
I had in mind.


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