Can anyone recommend a spell checker for tex files?

Taylor, P P.Taylor at
Fri Aug 16 10:52:27 CEST 2019

Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

[...] it's quite unlikely that poeple use macros like
\reorder, hence the benefit is quite small.

I agree that the \reorder macro is pathological in its behaviour, but this is deliberate — it was intended just as a demonstration that what goes in is not necessarily what comes out.  But as I write, I realise that even spell-checking the DVI/PDF is not necessarily sufficient, since one could ( for example) \raise and \lower fragments of text to create seemingly perfect words on-screen (or on paper) which in reality do not exist as words (qua words) in either the TeX source or the DVI/PDF output. So, for 99% of cases, spell-checking the TeX source should suffice; for 99.9%, spell-checking the DVI/PDF, but for 99.9% recurring one would need integrated OCR as well.

Philip Taylor
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