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On Fri, 2 Aug 2019 at 18:38, Gordon Haverland <ghaverla at>

> Using locate, I see that my Devuan install has xebaposter, but no
> baposter.
> I then attempted to install baposter as a "user" package.  I kept
> getting an error from tlmgr (running unstable).  It seems that many
> years ago, root created a texmf directory in my HOME directory.  Once
> past that, tlmgr says baposter doesn't exist.
> The documentation I seem to find on xebaposter, seems to imply it is
> for Persian (and some other language) applications.  Not that it is an
> extension of baposter.

The ctan page for xeposter says

ba­pos­ter's users should be able to com­pile their poster us­ing
xe­ba­pos­ter (in­stead of ba­pos­ter) with­out any prob­lem.

which makes it sound like a compatible extension to me (although I have not
used either class)


> Does someone know what has happened to baposter in the last 10 years or
> so?
> Thanks.
> Gord
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