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I am using the following code to generate a semilog graph showing nuclear cross sections for 10 different reactions on the same graph.   I can get two or three to plot at the same time without trouble but not all 10.  The total data file for the 10 cross sections amounts to 1000 lines with two numbers in each line.  Can anyone suggest why I cannot plot all 10 at the same time?
Thank you in advance for your assistance.
D. W. Jones

\begin{figure}[!h]\psset{xunit=0.4cm, yunit=1cm}\begin{pspicture}(0,-9)(22,3)  \psaxes[linewidth=2pt,axesstyle=frame,Ox=0,Dx=2,Oy=-9,Dy=1,ylogBase=10,%  tickcolor=gray,ysubticks=10,%  logLines=y,subtickcolor=gray,%  xticksize=0 12,% -2  5  yticksize=0 22 % -1  1    ]{->}(0,-9)(22,3)  \psset{linewidth=2pt}  \pstScalePoints(1,1){}{log} \listplot[linecolor=red]{\DataPbnonxx} \listplot[linecolor=orange]{\DataPbinxx}  \listplot[linecolor=cyan]{\DataPbnnxx}  \listplot[linecolor=cyan]{\DataPbnnnxx}   \listplot[linecolor=violet]{\DataPbngxx}}  \listplot[linecolor=black]{\DataPbnpxx}  \listplot[linecolor=black]{\DataPbndxx}  \listplot[linecolor=black]{\DataPbntxx}  \listplot[linecolor=black]{\DataPbnaxx}   \rput(-5,-5){$\sigma(E)$}  \rput(-5,-6){barns}  \rput(15,-10){$E_{n}(MeV)$}\end{pspicture}%}\vspace{1cm}\caption{Cross sections for production of gamma rays by nonelastic, inelastic, n,2n, n,3n, n,p, n,d, n,t, and n,a reactions}\label{fig: radiativecaptureCNO}\end{figure}
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