Aligning right with epigraph package

Darío darioslc at
Tue Apr 30 14:01:36 CEST 2019

Hello! I am writing  an epigraph and I need that the text is aligned turn right, the problem is that not aligned. My script say:
\epigraph{\footnotesize{[\dots] text dots]}}{author and year}
work fine but not align into right. When I place flushright inside \epigraph{\begin{flushright} ... not compile

Also I am surprised when in the next paragraph (out environment epigraph) I need that is in bold, \textbf{text}, and no work, ie:

I am compiling with the comand xelatex archive.tex, but when compile using pdflatex archive.tex work fine only the bold format, not the flushright environment.

Thanks a lot!

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