problem with new MikTex and new emacs installations

Peter Flynn peter at
Mon Apr 1 22:36:55 CEST 2019

On 01/04/2019 21:15, Christopher W. Ryan wrote:
> I usually use Vince Goulet's modified emacs, containing AUCtex and ESS
> and some other pieces, on Windows 7. It was version 24.5, 32-bit. Along
> with an older version of MikTex 2.9 (pre-"MikTexConxole"), also 32-bit.

Am I right in thinking that your computer is a 64-bit system?

> Today I installed the latest MikTex 2.9.7015, 64-bit. Regained the
> ability to install packages. But also gained an error message 
> about a change in date separator from slash to hyphen, so I installed a
> new emacs, version 26.1 64-bit, from here:

Should be OK.

> Using this new 64-bit setup, LaTeX files will not compile. Error reads:
> "symbol's function definition is void Tex-function-p"

I have had a similar format of message (completely unrelated to TeX) in 
the Emacs that comes with Linux Mint 19. It's still not resolved, but it 
had to do with the sequence in which packages get loaded in Emacs.

If you remove any .emacs file (your personalised config), and start 
Emacs from the Command console using -Q to turn off all startup files, eg

C:\Computer\Users\cryan\> emacs -Q

(if indeed that works in Windows; it may not, or it may be emacs /Q)

Once you get Emacs running without any startup files, open a LaTeX 
document and try to invoke AUCTeX and get it to compile.

If it comes up with the same message, then the problem is in AUCTeX or 
whatever underlying latex-mode is shipped with your Emacs. If it works, 
it means the problem is in the startup files somewhere.

> I still have my old MikTeX 2.9 32-bit and emacs 24.5 32-bit, in "Program
> Files (x86)" in case that matters.

Very wise. But it would be good to get everything running with the 
latest releases. This may end up being something you need to talk to the 
AUCTeX people and to Vincent Goulet as it sounds to me like an Emacs 
problem, not a LaTeX one. But I'd be interested to know the outcome.


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