[texhax] Little Languages and diaries

Gordon Haverland ghaverla at materialisations.com
Sat May 19 02:28:25 CEST 2018

A long time ago, I was at C-MU and I believe it was Brian Kernighan
gave a talk on little languages.  I've dabbled in EQN, TBL and others,
so I know a little about this.

I find myself needing to keep one or more diaries.  And part of what
could go into this diaries are the bills I acquire for various
projects.  And I wonder, is this a place for little languages?  Has
someone done this already?

I have more or less decided on some variation of the ASCII Ledger
format to do accounting in.

Is there some mechanism that people working in TeX use, to pull data
into Ledger text files?

Have a great day!


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