[texhax] package inputenc error: invalid UTF-8 byte 146

Lars Madsen daleif at math.au.dk
Thu Jun 14 16:52:32 CEST 2018



from TeXLive 2018 if notthing else is stated latex will assume the input to be utf8

So if you haven't specified an encoding using


then try doing so

otherwise please provide the code that gives this error

/Lars Madsen
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Aarhus Universitet / Aarhus University
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Subject: [texhax] package inputenc error: invalid UTF-8 byte 146

Hello folks

I am updating a paper I wrote a couple of years ago
and find that TeXLive 2018 is giving me this strange error.

! Package inputenc Error: Invalid UTF-8 byte 146.

See the inputenc package documentation for explanation.

?I have searched my installation but have not found
the inputenc package

This doc does not specifically mention the error


?I use UltraEdit as my text editor
and have made sure the encoding is
1252  (ANSI - Latin I)?

?Where else shall I look to address this error??

Ron Fehd
?Atlanta GA USA?

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