[texhax] HP 2600 not recognized

Richard Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Mon Apr 30 19:16:25 CEST 2018

Francisco Doria,

This is definitely the wrong place to report such an error. I wrote TeXShop, so further such errors can come to me.

TeXShop is written using Apple's Cocoa Class Library, so it has no code for direct interaction with the printer. Instead, the Cocoa classes deal with that and then ask TeXShop for a pdf image of each page to be printed. Thus you should deal with Apple or HP directly for such a problem. I predict you'll have similar problems printing from other applications.

There are a couple of natural things to try. Often Macs communicate with new HP printers via wireless. This requires that the two devices be on the same wireless network. Sometimes your cable company will provide a wireless transmitter and you'll already have a wireless base station from Apple or a third party, and without noticing the two devices will use different transmitters.

After that, contact HP to see if your printer driver software is up to date. This can be complicated because HP sells many, many models, but with patience you can sift through their web site.

Dick Koch

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