[texhax] protex installation

Bob Tennent rdtennent at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 21:47:52 CEST 2018

 >|Subject: [texhax] protex installation

Presumably, you are asking about proTeXt, which is "based on
MiKTeX". Is there any reason why you can't install MiKTeX
itself?   And TeXLive will install on Windows.

There doesn't seem to be publicly available documentation for
proTeXt but according to http://tug.org/protext/, you should
have run Setup.exe; is that right?  Perhaps you tried to
install everything on the disk?

Bob T.

 >|I have tried to load the 2016 Tug disk on a recently
 >|purchased computer,this is a LENOVO .It has a 500Gb
 >|drive with very little on it.I shut down the virus
 >|protection.The OS is Windows 7 Pro, it installs to 99%
 >|then stops with a message too many open files. I have
 >|tried twice and have the same result and when I try
 >|to uninstall it says no such file. can you suggest a
 >|solution yo my problem.

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