[texhax] download successful, installation not working

Richard M. Koch koch at uoregon.edu
Sun Dec 17 00:21:00 CET 2017


Since I (and a couple of others) maintain MacTeX, I'd like to see a list of documentation that is out of date. We try to go through it once a year.

MacTeX does not install TeXworks, so you need to speak to the people maintaining it about your problems. We install TeXShop and would be happy to respond to problems with it.

It isn't true that High Sierra only allows downloads from certain sites. MacTeX is often downloaded using High Sierra. The problem is that Apple restricts the software which can be installed after being downloaded from the internet. There are ways to get around this restriction, but by default you can only install software from the App store or software that is signed by an Apple developer. This is not a new feature with High Sierra; it has been in place for several years. When it was first put in place, Apple contacted us to make sure MacTeX was signed, and it has been signed since the beginning.

A preference setting can restrict installation to ONLY software from the App store, so that setting needs to be changed to install MacTeX and other signed software not in the App store. To do that, go to Apple's System Preferences.

Dick Koch

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