[texhax] [tex-live] problems with tl2016 pretest

Jim Diamond Jim.Diamond at acadiau.ca
Fri May 13 18:46:07 CEST 2016

On Fri, May 13, 2016 at 22:57 (+0900), Norbert Preining wrote:

> Hi Jim,

>> think that it just may be an issue of the design of tl-install, in
>> that it doesn't overlap "download the next file" with "unpack this
>> file".

> What do you mean with "overlap"?

Sorry, I thought the meaning of "overlap" is fairly obvious.

Here is one possible structure which overlaps the downloading with the

Process 1: download file after file after file, and as each is
           downloaded it is put somewhere where process 2 will find it.
           When done, let process 2 know that all files are d/l'ed.

Process 2: while there are more files or we have not otherwise given up
                wait for a file to come from Process 1 and check it and
                   unpack it.
                On error, either (as desired)
                   -> try to d/l it again, and if error this time give up
                   -> give up.
           On giving up because of error, tell Process 1 that the game is over.
           Finish up and clean up.

Of course, there are countably infinite other ways of doing the
equivalent.  I also realize that it is easier to write pseudo-code
than rock-solid real code.

>>> It looks like your Perl installation is messed up somehow.
>> Huh.  I try not to mess with it (see above).  However, I guess it is
>> good to know that it is then likely just me with that problem.

> I have to agree with Karl here. Unless the math.utah mirror really
> rejects ftp (which Nelson said it doesn't), all this looks really
> strange and - not by me - to me.  I want to say, I am simply using the 
> perl modules LWP, which *should* (and in 99.99999%) work correctly,
> as far as I know.  The warning message above are from LWP itself and
> really look strange.

> Some guess work from my side: 
> Do you have a firewall (local or local network) that blocks ftp or
> active ftp?
> Do you need proxies for ftp?
No and no.  I have no problem with ftp, even using wget ftp://... to
get files from ftp.math.utah.edu.

So I think it is more likely something in my Perl setup that is messed

I just tried it on another computer which should have the same set of
packages installed, the same versions, ...  This one did not complain.
So either
(1) today is different than yesterday, or
(2) there is some difference between the computers I don't know about.
I guess I'll take a look at comparing the two computers and see if I
can find out the issue.


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