[texhax] Any crazy math formulas for testing a TeX language interpreter

Deyan Ginev d.ginev at jacobs-university.de
Wed Jan 13 21:17:22 CET 2016

On 01/13/2016 02:46 PM, Barbara Beeton wrote:
> re the bcs test, doug mckenna reports:
>     Fortunately, Barbara Beeton kindly found in archives and sent me the entire bcs test ported to the plain format.  I pasted all of its source code into my monograph test file and, feeling like I was about to jump off a cliff, typeset it with both pdfTeX and JSBox.
> what i sent wasn't ported from latex to
> plain; it was (i believe) the original
> which *was* prepared in plain tex.  the
> file is dated october 1985, which may
> be later than the original date, but is
> certainly from before latex was really
> in wide use.

In the interest of all reading the thread, would you mind sharing the
file in a publicly-accessible way? Say as a GitHub gist[1], pastebin[2],
or something of the sort?


[1] http://gist.github.com/
[2] http://pastebin.com/

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