[texhax] Circled symbols (like copyright)

Urs Liska ul at openlilylib.org
Thu Apr 21 09:13:55 CEST 2016

Hi all,

looking for a way to insert the circled p - as in U+2117 ℗ SOUND
RECORDING COPYRIGHT - when my font doesn't seem to contain it I found a
solution using tikz. Using the small caps letter from the text font and
drawing a circle around it is also pleasing my aesthetic sense, rather
than using an arbitrary glyph and manually having to handle the alignment.

I'm right now preparing a little package circledscletters to make that
functionality easily available. It features a generic command that takes
the letter to use, and so far two commands for the above "p" and the
copyright symbol.

What I did not manage to find out is if there are more symbols that
should/could be added as explicit commands to the package. This question
is not urgent, but if I get wishes I can integrate them in the first
(and maybe only) release of the package.


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